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Time With Good Humans Guaranteed

Why Evergreen Veterinary Clinic?

For the sense of belonging with who we serve.
For the balance in how we live. And joy in what we do.

Time With Good Humans Guaranteed


We enjoy making new connections. Want a vet as dependable as you? We can provide a deeper level of care. WE LISTEN. Let’s solve these problems together!


We believe in a balanced lifestyle with pets! It’s important to know how to get out and about with family, friends, AND your pets. 


We want you to know that our veterinary service goes beyond your next appointment. Community matters!

Just like an Evergreen tree – we thrive in any condition. We value teamwork and together we can solve any problem life throws at us! Because we’re stronger together — and that’s why we always listen first. One tree alone is nothing compared to a forest… and that is our community. We’d like to get to know you. Start your online profile before your next visit (and be sure to share your favorite pet photo!)

Dr. Eric Eyde

Practice owner, vet, girl dad, outdoorsman, office jokester.

Dr. Ruth Zarka

Sometimes referred to as a cat whisperer, career veterinarian with over 25 years experience.

Jess Fescemyer BW Icon

Dr. Jess Fescemyer

Ross University Vet School grad, adoptive fur parent to special pups that needed a second chance, and twin mom to identical boys. Life-long animal lover, and crazy about horses!

Brooke Helvie

Brooke Helvie

Veterinary Assistant & MSU freshman. A bit horsey.

Brianne Nichole

Bri White

Veterinary Tech, Mama, Animal Lover

Angela Lynn Matznick

Angela Matznick

Receptionist, Patient Advocate, Proud Grandma

Emmie Henningson

Emmie Henningson

Veterinary Assistant (that means she does a little bit of everything!)

Sydnie Good

Sydnie Good

Veterinary Tech, animal hoarder, Rockstar

Breanna Rotherham

Breanna Rotherham

Jack of all trades. Savior of cats with preexisting conditions.

Katie Eyde

Katie Eyde

Clinic mom, lead designer, social chair

Want to be a part of something fun at Evergreen?

Evergreen Veterinary Clinic was founded by Dr. Eric Eyde and Dr. Ruth Zarka. This dynamic dog and cat-loving duo believe the BEST part of business is making connections! We love getting to know our furry (and some not so furry) friends, and we enjoy connecting with their humans too. At Evergreen we believe in finding balance and joy life, and forming new friendships. We have a great way to start up some fun conversations outside the office!

And there just might be something in it for you, if you play along. 

Virtual Reality

We hope you enjoy a short virtual reality clip of the Lansing Evergreen Veterinary Clinic! Full of bright natural light, we are proud to share this welcoming space with you. While you wait for your appointment to begin, our wish is that your pet is relaxed and at ease. Any member of our friendly vet staff is close by to assist you with questions you may have. With updates from the CDC, our office will be staying up to date on best practices for the health and safety of all our visitors!


Take a look around the Lansing Evergreen office! We keep things nice, bright, and tidy for you. Cats and dogs alike enjoy the sights and sounds from large picture windows in every room. (And hey, we enjoy them too!) For more photos, check out our Services page. 

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